“Praise Him for His mighty works. Praise His unequaled greatness. Praise Him with the trumpet and with lute and harp.”  Psalm 150: 2,3

The Psalti (Chanter or Reader) is a layperson that assists the priest by chanting responses and hymns in the services or sacraments of the church. The Psalti receives a special blessing from the Metropolitan or Bishop, which bestows upon him the blessing of the Lord to approach and participate at the Psalteri. This happens through special prayers that are read over the Psalti in a special ceremony at the end of a Holy Service.

Stavros Kariolis has chanted at our Saint George Church for over 18 years. Stavros is a retired engineer from the IBM Corporation and has lived in Kingston ever since he left his beloved homeland of Cyprus.

He assisted his koumbaro George Maouris, of Blessed Memory, for many years. When George sensed that he would be leaving us and going to the "Church Triumphant" he asked Stavros to promise that he would continue to be the chanter at Saint George, continually praising the Lord at the Psalteri.

Stavros is a faithful and dedicated Psalti that serves the Lord's Church unconditionally. He never misses any of the Liturgies, Sacraments or any of the Holy Services of the Church.

We Thank Him For His "Diakonia".